Reviewing Manuscripts

Fot. Aleksandra R. Knapik

Reviewing Manuscripts

  • the reviewing process lasts usually a few weeks, depending on the submitted paper and time of submission,
  • the Editor-in-Chief conducts a preliminary selection of submitted manuscripts based on the criteria of their conformity with the AJMP’s profile, technical, editorial, and substantive requirements,
  • if submitted manuscripts do not comply with the preliminary selection criteria it can be: a. sent back to the author with a request to provide necessary adjustments or b. rejected by the Editor-in-Chief,
  • if the paper is accepted, it is submitted to a double-blind peer review procedure,
  • Editorial Board appoints the reviewers who are expected to provide accurate, courteous, unbiased and justifiable reviews,
  • the reference version is the manuscript submitted by the author,
  • reviewers are supported with a review form which is sent to them via email,
  • reviewers send in their recommendation for publishing the paper,
  • a positively reviewed manuscript is sent to the author with the review content,
  • authors implement the suggested corrections to the text if they fully agree with them,
  • if an author accepts the comments partially or rejects them, they are obliged to respond in writing to the comments and justify their decision for each comment separately,
  • authors electronically return the final version of their manuscripts within two-week time, unless otherwise agreed,
  • the Editor-in-Chief acquaints himself with the author’s responses and makes final decision whether to approve the manuscript for publication, have it revised further or reject it,
  • each published volume of Academic Journal of Modern Philology receives its unique DOI number to ensure their International Standardisation and for easier identification of published articles even if the metadata URL is changed,
  • the decision about the final composition of each AJMP volume belongs to the Editor-in-Chief
  • the publication of Academic Journal of Modern Philology takes place in print and in online version (ISSN 2299-7164 / e-ISSN 2353-3218),
  • the publication is planned in the fourth quarter of the year.

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